Changes and Corrections

Several spelling and typeset errors occurred in the original paper:
(Gottschalk, M. ,1997: Eur. J. Mineral., 9, 175-223):

Equations and Tables

The following equations are corrected (only typeset errors):

Table 8: The enthalpy of formation from the elements Δf for fayalite determined by Thiery et al. (1981) is -1479.990 kJ.

Table 9: The stoechiometry of leucite, kalsilite and prehnite is K[AlSi2O6], K[AlSiO4] and Ca2Al[AlSi3O10/(OH)2], respectively.


The following changes have been made for the phases:


The heat capacity coefficient f has been changed to the correct value of -18.5232 10-6 .


The molar volume has been changed to 127.82 cm3 (Krupka et al. 1979).
The reactions and 1/T - ln Kred plots involving pyrophyllite have been recalculated.


The enthalpy of formation from the elements Δf has been changed to 8245.264 kJ.

last modified: 8.8.1997 by Matthias Gottschalk