°  standard state property
 G Gibbs free energy
 H  enthalpy
 ΔfH°  enthalpy of formation from the elements
 K  equilibrium constant
 Kred  equilibrium constant reduced to standard conditions
 P  pressure [MPa]
 R  gas constant (8.31441 J/K)
 S  entropy
 S°  third law entropy at standard conditions
 T  temperature [K]
 V  volume
 a  activity
 cp  heat capacity
 ni  number of moles of component i
 f  fugacity
 x  mol fraction
 α  coefficient of thermal expansion
 β coefficient of compressibility
Δ  change of a property for a reaction
 µ chemical potential
 ν  stoichiometric coefficient
 AR  vector of ln Kred values
 B  matrix of the stoichiometric coefficients
 D° vector of third law entropies and enthalpies of formation
 E  identity matrix
 W  matrix holding the weighting factors
 F  objective function

last modified: 8.8.1997 by Matthias Gottschalk