Publication in EJM

Herewith we invite you to publish your contribution to the ECMS 2011 conference as paper after the 7th ECMS in the European Journal of Mineralogy (EJM).

It is the aim of the Managing Editor and the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Mineralogy, EJM, to publish a number of selected spectroscopy papers after the 7th ECMS in Potsdam, i.e., up to 10 papers, which corresponds to ca. 1/2 of an EJM-issue. These papers must be original, high-quality manuscripts on topics from mineral spectroscopy. Review articles are not invited, however, may be negotiated with the Editorial Board in special cases. S. Speziale, M. Fechtelkord, V. Khomenko and M. Koch-Müller will act as guest editors.

The deadline of submission the manuscripts is:

October 15th, 2011. 

The procedure is as follows:

Electronic submission of manuscripts is accepted in the form of a PDF file to the email address of Guest Editor Sergio Speziale ( until the deadline. Manuscripts are handled as regular papers in the usual peer-review process with a minimum of two referees. Papers will be rejected immediately, if they are submitted after the deadline (the special issue is strictly scheduled for 2012) or if the quality of science and/or presentation is not acceptable for peer review. Moreover, they will be returned, if they do not obey the
EJM guidelines for authors. Submitted manuscripts presenting studies unrelated to the ECMS 7-programme cannot be included in the special issue and will be forwarded as regular manuscripts to one of the Chief Editors.